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Ligustrum lucidum Excelsum Superbum | Standard | 275-300 cm Girth 8-10 cm 25-30L

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Pot Size – Litres: 25-30L
Mature Height: 6-9 meters
Mature Spread: 4-6 meters
Foliage: Dark green, glossy, evergreen leaves
Fragrant: Not significantly fragrant
Growth Rate: Fast-growing
Hardiness: Zones 8-10 hardy
Position: Full sun to partial shade
Soil Moisture: Moist, well-drained soil
Soil pH: Adaptable to various pH levels
Soil Type: Adaptable to various soil types

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Ligustrum lucidum ‘Excelsior Superbum’ is a cultivar of the Glossy Privet, a species native to China and commonly known as the Broadleaf Privet. ‘Excelsior Superbum’ is valued for its attractive foliage, compact form, and suitability for hedging and landscaping purposes.

It has an upright, columnar growth habit, and the leaves are glossy, dark green, and elongated, similar to other privet varieties. However, the ‘Excelsior Superbum’ cultivar is known for its larger and broader leaves compared to the species’ typical form.

The glossy foliage of Ligustrum lucidum ‘Excelsior Superbum’ creates a lush and vibrant appearance, and it remains on the plant year-round. This cultivar does produce small white flowers in summer, but they are typically inconspicuous and not as showy as some other privet cultivars.

‘Excelsior Superbum’ is known for its versatility in landscaping. It can be pruned and shaped to create formal hedges, screens, or topiary forms. The dense growth habit and glossy leaves provide an attractive backdrop or boundary in garden designs. Additionally, this cultivar can tolerate air pollution, making it suitable for urban environments.

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Dimensions 270 cm